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Haunted Heart

Haunted Heart

The Life and Times of Stephen King

Lisa Rogak

St. Martin's Griffin


One of the most prolific and popular authors in the world today, Stephen King has become part of pop culture history. His best-selling novels such as Carrie, It, Christine, and many others have captured the imaginations of millions of readers. But who is the man behind those tales of horror, grief, and the supernatural? Where do these ideas come from? And what drives him to keep writing at a breakneck pace after a thirty year career?

In this unauthorized biography, Lisa Rogak reveals the troubled background and lifelong fears that inspire one of the twentieth century's most influential authors. Despite his dark and disturbing work, Stephen King has become revered by critics and his countless fans as an all-American voice more akin to Mark Twain than H. P. Lovecraft. Haunted Heart chronicles his story, revealing the character of a man who has created some of the most memorable---and frightening---stories found in literature today.

Anthony Awards - Nominee, Edgar Allan Poe Award Nominee, Edgar Allen Poe Award Nominee

Praise for Haunted Heart

Haunted Heart is a thoroughly respectful overview of King's life, and a great starter biography for new fans.” —The Boston Globe

“The biographer is smart in sticking with the man himself. She looks at what scares King enough that he's been able to keep readers entertained for thirty years.... Rogak does an admirable job pulling together materials from disparate sources into a readable whole.” —Bangor Daily News

“Rogak… has pieced together King's sometimes erratic life scrupulously into a clean, swift read.” —Times Online (U.K.)


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Lisa Rogak

Lisa Rogak is the author of more than forty books. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina. Her most recent biographies are The Man Behind the Da Vinci Code: An Unauthorized Biography of Dan Brown and A Boy Named Shel: The Life and Times of Shel Silverstein.

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Lisa Rogak

St. Martin's Griffin

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