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The Tushy Book

The Tushy Book

Fran Manushkin; Illustrated by Tracy Dockray

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Baby tushies. Grown-up tushies. Animal tushies. Tushies are all around us! Even the word, TUSHY, is fun to say. C'mon, say it with us: TUSHY! TUSHY! TUSHY!

Here's a celebration of this squeezably soft body part, with humor and warmth that readers of all ages will relate to.

Life is comfy, you will find,

when you have your own behind.

Sitting down would NOT be cushy

if you didn't have your tushy!

When you're born your tushy's there,

ready to go anywhere.

After crawling, you...

Praise for The Tushy Book

“Each of the delightful spreads gives readers a backside view of a variety of rears, human and animal, in myriad activities.” —School Library Journal

“We all have tushies, but readers will also all have smiles after finishing this book.” —Kirkus Reviews

“There's a whole lot of 'tushy' here, but the creative uses and variations will keep the concept lively for young listeners, who will undoubtedly be drawn to the sparkly underpants on the cover.” —BCCB

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Fran Manushkin; Illustrated by Tracy Dockray

FRAN MANUSHKIN is the acclaimed author of over two dozen books for children, including Baby, Come Out!; Hooray for Hanukkah!; and The Matzah that Papa Brought Home. A native of Chicago, she lives in New York City, and travels extensively to promote her work at conferences and school visits.

TRACY DOCKRAY's first picture book was Delia at the Delano, which was privately commissioned by Ian Schrager to celebrate the opening of his South Beach boutique hotel. She is also the new illustrator of the Beverly Clearly books from HarperCollins (cover and interior art). A native of Texas, she lives in New York City with her husband and two children.

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