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The Hundred Brothers

The Hundred Brothers

A Novel

Donald Antrim



With a New Introduction by Jonathan Franzen

There's Rob, Bob, Tom, Paul, Ralph, and Noah; Nick, Dennis, Bertram, Russell, and Virgil. The doctor, the documentary filmmaker, and the sculptor in burning steal; the eldest, the youngest, and the celebrated "perfect" brother, Benedict. In Donald Antrim's mordantly funny novel The Hundred Brothers, our narrator and his colossal fraternity of ninety-eight brothers (one couldn't make it) have assembled in the crumbling library of their family's estate for a little sinister fun. Executed with the invention and intelligence of Barthelme and Pynchon, Antrim's taxonomy of male specimens is in equal proportions disturbing and absurdly hilarious.

MY BROTHERS Rob, Bob, Tom, Paul, Ralph, Phil, Noah, William, Nick, Dennis, Christopher, Frank, Simon, Saul, Jim, Henry, Seamus, Richard, Jeremy, Walter, Jonathan, James, Arthur, Rex, Bertram, Vaughan, Daniel, Russel, and Angus; and the triplets...

Praise for The Hundred Brothers

“A fiercely intelligent writer . . . This is a bravura nightmare.” —The New York Times

“The author's surreal vision is both imaginative and wholly his own . . . A striking literary discovery.” —The Boston Globe

“Elegant, outrageously imagined, comic . . . Antrim exaggerates his narrator into hilarious existence.” —The New Yorker

“A fantasy that capers between atavistic ritual and inspired slapstick.” —Time


In the Press

Read the Kirkus Review of THE HUNDRED BROTHERS . Surrealism is alive and well in the antic universe of Antrim's fiction. - Kirkus Reviews

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Donald Antrim

Donald Antrim is the critically acclaimed author of Elect Mr. Robinson for a Better World, The Hundred Brothers, and The Verificationist, as well The Afterlife, a memoir about his mother. A regular contributor to The New Yorker, he has also been the recipient of a MacArthur "Genius" Grant and fellowships from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the New York Public Library. He lives in New York City.

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Donald Antrim

Read a profile of the author in the New York Times


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