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Sweet Valley Confidential

Ten Years Later

Author: Francine Pascal

Sweet Valley Confidential

Sweet Valley Confidential

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Iconic and beloved identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are all grown up, and navigating the very complicated world of work, love and betrayal in Francine Pascal's long-awaited return to Sweet Valley.
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What terrible secret has torn Jessica and Elizabeth apart?

Ten years after Sweet Valley High, the Wakefield twins have had a falling out of epic proportions. When Jessica commits a complete and utter betrayal, Elizabeth flees to New York to escape the pain. Jessica remains in California, dealing with the fallout of her heart-wrenching choices. But with Elizabeth as her enemy, Sweet Valley is no longer the idyllic town of their youth.

Elizabeth soon decides the only way to heal her broken heart is to get revenge for Jessica's duplicity. Always the "good" twin, Elizabeth about to turn the tables…

Francine Pascal finally unfolds the continuing story of Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield—and the whole gang from Sweet Valley—that will delight and surprise the millions of fans of these beloved characters.

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St. Martin's Griffin



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“A huge treat.” —Romantic Times

“Frothy fun.” —Wall Street Journal

“It was a joy to unplug from my life and excitedly catch up with a few old friends. Pure love. Actually, make that double love.” —The Huffington Post

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Sweet Valley Confidential

Sweet Valley Confidential

Sweet Valley Confidential
Sweet Valley Confidential