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One Giant Leap

One Giant Leap

Neil Armstrong's Stellar American Journey

Leon Wagener

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On July 20, 1969, the whole world stopped. It was the day when a man who grew up on a farm without electricity announced, "One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." But the world never knew how truly dangerous this quest was.

Armstrong and his crew's extraordinary mission was a long, complex chain of events, at least 50 percent likely to snap at one delicate point or another and end in failure or worse. As the mission unfolded, those in the know about the daunting task the astronauts faced held their breath. The President of the United States, Richard Nixon, ordered their eulogy prepared for him to read on national television.

In this, the first-ever biography of Neil Armstrong, Leon Wagener explores the man whose walk on the moon is still compared to humankind's progenitor's crawl out of the primordial ooze---and whose retreat back to a farm in his native Ohio soon after the last ticker-tape confetti fell has left him looked upon as a reclusive hermit ever since.

This is the true story of a national hero whose lifelong quest to walk on the moon truly mirrors our best selves. He's an American who daily braved incredible danger over a long career and finally broke free of Earth's surly bonds, achieving what seemed impossible and proving forever that man can reach for the stars and succeed.


Chapter One
To see the earth as it truly is, small and blue and beautiful in that eternal silence where it floats is to see ourselves as riders on the earth together, as brothers who know they...

Praise for One Giant Leap

“Neil Armstrong is a genuine American hero, right up there in the pantheon with George Washington, Daniel Boone and Charles Lindbergh, a man whose character, courage, and brains helped shape his age. Leon Wagener has captured the man inside the myth in this excellent biography.” —Stephen Coonts, New York Times bestselling author of Liberty

“For a true life story this book reads like an incredible adventure-I couldn't put it down.” —William R. Pogue, Astronaut

One Giant Leap is a giant of a book, capturing the personality of neil Armstrong as has never been done before. Armstrong's genius as a pilot, astronaut and citizen shines through in this brilliant biography, but so does his essential humanity.” —Walter J. Boyne, New York Times bestselling author of Dawn Over Kitty Hawk, The Novel of the Wright Brothers

One Giant Leap, a definitive and well written portrait, reveals a man of incredible bravery and extraordinary drive, who overcame all obstacles in his path. A truly inspiring story.” —Nelson DeMille


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Leon Wagener

LEON WAGENER has been a journalist for more than thirty years. He lives in Boca Raton, Florida with his photographer wife Rochelle and daughter Madison.

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