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Jury of Six

Jury of Six

A Luke Starbuck Novel

Luke Starbuck Novels

Matt Braun

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—Elmer Kelton

In a land of death and corruption

Texas rancher Ben Langham left his sprawling inheritance to the man he trusted most: Luke Starbuck. Once Starbuck had dreamed of having land of his own. Now he dreams of finding the man who gunned down Langham—and bringing him to justice.

One man found a calling of his own…

With the Cattlemen's Association behind him, Starbuck has all the authority he needs to ride into New Mexico on the path of a murderous band of thieves. But he didn't count on coming face to face with a scrawny killer named William "the Kid" Bonney, a shifty sheriff named Pat Garrett, or the true story behind the legendary Lincoln County War. Suddenly, Luke Starbuck finds himself dead center in a powerful conspiracy—and heading straight into the line of fire…


—Don Coldsmith, author of the Spanish Bit series

Jury of Six

Ben Langham reined to a halt on the north bank of the Canadian. He looped the reins around the saddlehorn and fished a tobacco pouch from inside his greatcoat. His horse lowered its muzzle to the water...

Praise for Jury of Six

“One of the best!” —Don Coldsmith, author of the Spanish Bit series

“He tells it straight--and he tells it well.” —Jory Sherman, author of Grass Kingdom

“Matt Braun is a master storyteller of frontier fiction.” —Elmer Kelton

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Matt Braun

Matt Braun is a fourth-generation Westerner, steeped in the tradition and lore of the frontier era. His books reflect a heritage rich with the truths of that bygone time. Raised among the Cherokee and Osage tribes, Braun learned their traditions and culture, and their philosophy became the foundation of his own beliefs. Like his ancestors, he has spent most of his life wandering the mountains and plains of the West. His heritage and his contribution to Western literature resulted in his appointment by the Governor of Oklahoma as a Territorial Marshal.

Braun is the author of more than forty novels and four nonfiction works, including Black Fox, which was made into a CBS miniseries, and One Last Town, which was made into a TNT movie called You Know My Name. Western Writers of America awarded Braun the prestigious Golden Spur Award for The Kincaids. He is also the recipient of the Cowboy Spirit Award and was inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame in 1999.

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Matt Braun

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