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Hideo Yokoyama; Translated from the Japanese by Louise Heal Kawai



A tense, powerful thriller from the bestselling author of Six Four

1985. Kazumasa Yuuki, a seasoned reporter at the North Kanto Times, runs a daily gauntlet of the power struggles and office politics that plague its newsroom. But when an air disaster of unprecedented scale occurs on the paper’s doorstep, its staff is united by an unimaginable horror and a once-in-a-lifetime scoop.

2003. Seventeen years later, Yuuki remembers the adrenaline-fueled, emotionally charged seven days that changed his and his colleagues’ lives. He does so while making good on a promise he made that fateful week—one that holds the key to its last solved mystery and represents Yuuki’s final, unconquered fear.

From Hideo Yokoyama, the celebrated author of Six Four, comes Seventeen—an investigative thriller set amid the aftermath of disaster.


The wheels on the old-fashioned train clanked to a stop.

Doai Station on the Japan Railways Joetsu Line was in the far north tip of Gunma Prefecture. The platform was in a deep underground tunnel, with 486 steps to climb...

Praise for Seventeen

"[An] engrossing thriller . . . Readers will be deeply moved." —Publishers Weekly

"[A] darkly humorous tale." —Booklist

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Hideo Yokoyama; Translated from the Japanese by Louise Heal Kawai

Born in 1957, Hideo Yokoyama worked for twelve years as an investigative reporter with a regional newspaper north of Tokyo before becoming one of Japan’s most acclaimed and bestselling fiction writers. Seventeen is his second novel to be translated into English.

Louise Heal Kawai grew up in Manchester, England, but Japan has been her home since 1990. She has translated a variety of novels and short stories from Japanese, including Mieko Kawakami's novella Ms Ice Sandwich, Seicho Matsumoto's A Quiet Place, and Yakuza Moon: Memoirs of a Gangster's Daughter by Shoko Tendo.

Hideo Yokoyama


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