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The Braid

The Braid

Helen Frost

Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)


Two sisters, Jeannie and Sarah, tell their separate yet tightly interwoven stories in alternating narrative poems. Each sister – Jeannie, who leaves Scotland during the Highland Clearances with her father, mother, and the younger children, and Sarah, who hides so she can stay behind with her grandmother – carries a length of the other's hair braided with her own. The braid binds them together when they are worlds apart and reminds them of who they used to be before they were evicted from the Western Isles, where their family had lived for many generations.

The award-winning poet Helen Frost eloquently twists strand over strand of language, braiding the words at the edges of the poems to bring new poetic forms to life while intertwining the destinies of two young girls and the people who cross their paths in this unforgettable novel. An author's note describes the inventive poetic form in detail.

The Braid is a 2007 Bank Street - Best Children's Book of the Year.

Kirkus Reviews Editor's Choice, ALA Best Books for Young Adults, NCSS-CBC NotableTrade-Soc.Stdy, Texas TAYSHAS High School Reading List, Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award Master List, School Library Journal Best Books of the Year, Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award Honor, School Library Best Books of the Year, NCSS-CBC Notable Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies, NCTE Notable Child. Bks in Lang. A , Lion & Unicorn Award-Exc. NA Poet Honor, Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year, American Library Association Best Books for Young Adults, CCBC Choice (Univ. of WI), Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice A. ML

From The Braid
. . . The
bay was still. Moonlight on the water made a path from our
Scottish sea to –where? Where, I wonder, will we all be eating
supper in two months' time? One year? I linked arms...

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