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All That Was

All That Was

A Novel

Karen Rivers

Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)




Two best friends. The boy who loves them both. What happens when there is only one girl left?

Piper and Sloane are best friends. They grew up together, dress alike, and never do anything without each other. To Sloane, Piper has always been extraordinary: fierce and pretty and powerful. The only thing that makes Sloane special is that Piper chose her for a sisterhood that was supposed to last forever. That is, until Piper caught Sloane kissing Piper’s boyfriend, Soup—and the next day, Piper is found dead, washed ashore on a beach.
As Sloane and Soup relive their deep, sometimes painful histories with Piper and face a future without her, they are racked by questions: Who is to blame for Piper’s death? How do you make amends for hurting someone you love if that person is no longer around? And how can you ever move on and love again? Told from alternating perspectives in Karen Rivers's signature lyrical prose, All That Was is a story about the complexity of friendships, forgiveness, and growing up.



When my phone rings for the first time since I last saw Piper, I ignore it.

The ice in my glass melts into my Diet Coke, turning it watery and thin. I take a gulp that hurts the whole way down, a stone that I’ve swallowed...


Praise for All That Was

“Keeps readers on the edge of their seats.” —VOYA, starred review

“[A] gripping novel.” —Publishers Weekly

“The layered plotting, in which key moments seem to spiral toward one another through the disjointed timeline, adds intriguing complexity . . . Emotionally dark and keenly observant.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The descriptive prose is lovely and insightful, reading more like free verse than straight narrative. . .In the end, a shocking account emerges, rewarding patient readers with a portrait of a dangerously close friendship.” —Booklist

About the author

Karen Rivers

Karen Rivers is the author of many books for children and teens, including Before We Go Extinct, The Girl in the Well Is Me, and Love, Ish. She lives in Victoria, B.C., with her children.

Karen Rivers

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