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Hug It Out!

Hug It Out!

Louis Thomas

Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)


A fresh, funny take on sibling rivalry and conflict resolution, as two sparring siblings are forced to "hug it out."

Mom has had enough of Woody and Annie's incessant fighting. When her pleas for sharing and apologizing are ignored, she demands they "hug it out." At first, the warring siblings are confused. Hugging? But after a long afternoon of forced embraces, the brother and sister decide to call a truce to avoid yet another icky hug. However it doesn't take long for them to miss that newfound closeness. And soon they're looking for something to fight about so they can hug it out once more!

Adults will delight in a new solution to conflict, while kids will enjoy yelling "HUG IT OUT!" at each familiar situation. With subversive humor and smart, eye-catching illustrations, Louis Thomas's debut is a cheeky tribute to sibling rivalry and (cuddly) compromise.

Praise for Hug It Out!

"A humorous display of the challenges young siblings encounter in a family." —Lolly Gepson, Booklist

"This story is sure to please any child (or parent) who has dealt with sibling rivalry. The humor and charm, as well as the joyful and expressive cartoon illustrations, are bound to delight a wide audience."—School Library Journal


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Louis Thomas

Louis Thomas graduated from Gobelins, Paris, and Calarts, Los Angeles, in 2012. He then worked full-time in Californian animation studios before returning to France. Louis currently lives and works with his cat, Pipo, in his art studio, which can be found between the Pantheon and the Luxembourg Gardens of Paris, France.

Louis Thomas

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