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Tractor Mac Family Reunion

Tractor Mac

Author: Billy Steers

Tractor Mac Family Reunion

Tractor Mac Family Reunion


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Tractor Mac finds out the true meaning of family in this 8 x 8 paperback reissue featuring a colorful pages of stickers!
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Tractor Mac loves that he is the only tractor in his farm family. Then one day, his friend Iron Dave the train brings him to a tractor dealership and shows him a whole lot full of big red tractors that look just like him. Are these tractors his real family? Tractor Mac is excited to find a place with so many familiar faces, but sad that he might have to leave the farm to be with them. Then all of the big red tractors in the lot help him to understand that his real home is with the family he's found with the animals and machines at the farm.

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Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)



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Tractor Mac New Friend:

"The detailed illustrations reflect the artist's love of country life and antique machinery. A cheerful addition to transportation collections." —School Library Journal

“Positive, practical life lessons abound as popular character Tractor Mac returns in this light, new selection for vehicle-loving listeners and readers. The cheerful pace, chirpy dialogue, and satisfying ending are sure to please fans of the series.” —Kirkus Reviews

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Tractor Mac Family Reunion

Tractor Mac Family Reunion