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The Complete Stories

The Complete Stories

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Bernard Malamud; With an Introduction by Robert Giroux

Farrar, Straus and Giroux


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New York Times Notable Book of the Year
Publishers Weekly Best Book of 1997

With an Introduction by Robert Giroux, The Complete Stories of Bernard Malamud is "an essential American book," Richard Stern declared in the Chicago Tribune when the collection was published in hardcover. His praise was echoed by other reviewers and by readers, who embraced the book as they might a displaced person in one of Malamud's stories, now returned to us, complete and fulfilled and recognized at last. The volume gathers together fifty-five stories, from "Armistice" (1940) to "Alma Redeemed" (1984), and including the immortal stories from The Magic Barrel and the vivid depictions of the unforgettable Fidelman. It is a varied and generous collection of great examples of the modern short story, which Malamud perfected, and an ideal introduction to the work of this great American writer.

Praise for The Complete Stories

“One of the best american short-story writers of this century.” —Jay Cantor, the New York Times

“Glittering gems that dazzle with a different splor with each turn in the light, these stories ask timeless questions even as they enchant. -Dan Cryer, Newsday” —Dan Cryer, Newsday


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Bernard Malamud; With an Introduction by Robert Giroux

Acclaimed for his short stories, Bernard Malamud (1914-1986) received two National Book Awards (for The Magic Barrel and the novel The Fixer) and the Pulitzer Prize (for The Fixer). A native of Brooklyn, he taught for many years at Bennington College.

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Bernard Malamud

Farrar, Straus and Giroux

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