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The New World

The New World

A Novel

Chris Adrian and Eli Horowitz

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Jorie has just received some terrible news. A phone full of missed calls and sympathetic text messages seems to indicate that her husband, Jim, a chaplain at the hospital where she works as a surgeon, is dead. Only, not quite--rather, his head has been removed from his body and cryogenically frozen. Jim awakes to find himself in an altogether unique situation, to say the least: his body gone but his consciousness alive, his only companion a mysterious disembodied voice.

In this surreal and unexpectedly moving work, Chris Adrian and Eli Horowitz spin a tale of loss and adjustment, death and reawakening. Simultaneously fabulist and achingly human, The New World finds Jorie grieving the husband she knew while Jim wrestles with the meaning of life after death. Conceived in collaboration with Atavist Books, The New World investigates the meaning of love and loss in the digital era.


Jim collapsed and died at the hospital where he and Jane both worked, she as a pediatric surgeon and he as a chaplain-a humanist chaplain, as he liked to remind everyone. Jane was on a flight home from a conference in Paris,...

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Chris Adrian and Eli Horowitz

Chris Adrian is the author of The Great Night, Gob's Grief, The Children's Hospital, and A Better Angel. Selected by The New Yorker as one of its 20 Under 40, he lives in Brooklyn, New York. Eli Horowitz was the managing editor and then the publisher of McSweeney's for eight years. He is the author of The Pickle Index and coauthor of The Silent History and The Clock Without a Face. His design work has been honored by I.D.,Print, and the American Institute of Graphic Arts. He lives in San Francisco.

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