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False Papers

False Papers

Essays on Exile and Memory

André Aciman

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Essays on memory by the author of Our of Egypt

"We remember not because we have something we wish to go back to, nor because memories are all we have. We remember because memory is our most intimate, most familiar gesture. Most people are convinced I love Alexandria. In truth, I love remembering Alexandria. For it is not Alexandria that is beautiful. Remembering is beautiful."

Celebrated as one of the most poignant stylists of his generation, André Aciman has written a witty, surprising series of linked essays that ponder the experience of loss, moving from his forced departure from Alexandria as a teenager, through his brief stay in Europe, and finally to the home he's made (and half invented) on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

Three Tales

Alexandria: The Capital of Memory

To those who asked, I said I went back to touch and breathe the past again, to walk in shoes I hadn't worn in years. This, after all, was what everyone said...

Praise for False Papers

“A mesmerizing portrait of a now vanished world.” —Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times

“Lovely . . . mixes memory and imagination in seamless and beguiling ways.” —Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post


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André Aciman

A regular contributor to The New Yorker, The New York Review of Books, and The New Republic, André Aciman was born in Alexandria; raised in Egypt, Italy, and France; and educated at Harvard. He teaches literature at Bard and lives with his family in Manhattan.

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Sigrid Estrada

André Aciman

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