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I Am Reading: Hocus-Pocus Hound

I Am Reading: Hocus-Pocus Hound

Hocus-Pocus Hound

I Am Reading

Samantha Hay



Trade Paperback

Doris is the world's worst magician's assistant, so her boss, Marvo, finds a stray dog to replace her. Hocus-Pocus Hound turns out to be great at magic, and Marvo's act takes off, but he gets greedy, so Doris and Hocus Pocus hatch a plan to set him straight in this humorous slapstick comedy.

Praise for I Am Reading: Hocus-Pocus Hound

“The colorful cartoon-like illustrations and the simple, short chapters keep the story moving quickly for young readers.” —Children's Literature

“The illustrations are a good match for the text, adding lots of color, humor, and detail. More challenging vocabulary (e.g., "audience," "applause," "fidgeting") is repeated several times, providing good opportunities for practice.” —School Library Journal

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Samantha Hay

Samantha Hay worked as a journalist for the BBC for twelve years before becoming a children's book author. She is also the author of the humorous I Am Reading bestseller Creepy Customers.


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