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Kingfisher Knowldege Genes and DNA

Kingfisher Knowldege Genes and DNA

Genes and DNA

Kingfisher Knowledge

Richard Walker



Trade Paperback
KFK Genes & DNA explores the intricate mysteries of this exciting science. From the basics of genes and their function as the code for life, through variations in families and inheritance, to the wide-ranging applications of DNA technology, find out how genes and DNA work. Investigate forensics, gene therapy, cloning, and genetic engineering, and discover fascinating insights into the biology of the world around us.

National Science Teacher's Association-CBC, Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children, NSTA-CBC Outstanding Science Trade

Praise for Kingfisher Knowldege Genes and DNA

“This book should be a first purchase on the subject.” —Children's Literature

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Richard Walker

Richard Walker is an award-winning science writer and is the author of a wide range of
books on the human body, biology and natural history. He has a BSc and PhD in zoology, and
he spent several years teaching biology in London schools before becoming a full-time writer.


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