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Kingfisher Knowledge: Endangered Planet

Kingfisher Knowledge: Endangered Planet

Endangered Planet

Kingfisher Knowledge

David Burnie; Tony Juniper



Discover how human activity is influencing every habitat in the world, from remote areas of New Guinea to polluted cities. With time running out, this book is an essential reminder of our responsibilities to safeguard the planet.

National Science Teacher's Association-CBC, Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children, NSTA-CBC Outstanding Science Trade

Praise for Kingfisher Knowledge: Endangered Planet

“Kingfisher Knowledge: Endangered Planet offers a positive vision of the future. The book's emphasis on the interconnectedness of all life on Earth will help students appreciate their responsibilities toward the planet. . . . This could be a good springboard for cross-campus, cross-curricular "real-life" units of study.” —NSTA Recommends

David Burnie; Tony Juniper

David Burnie is an accomplished zoologist who was a nature reserve ranger before becoming a natural history author and editor. A prolific writer of many books, including several on dinosaurs, he has seen many of his titles win educational awards and science prizes. His titles for Kingfisher include Kingfisher Knowledge: Endangered Planet and The Kingfisher Illustrated Dinosaur Encyclopedia, which was nominated for the Aventis Prize for Science Books in 2002.

Tony Juniper is the executive director of the U.K. division of Friends of the Earth International, a worldwide collective of groups campaigning for the protection of wildlife and habitats.

David Burnie


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