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Explorers: Whales and Dolphins

Explorers: Whales and Dolphins


by Anita Ganeri, illustrated by Peter Bull



Explorers are designed to appeal to all readers aged 6–8: those who are just starting to read alone and more confident readers who are beginning to exercise wider reading and crossreferencing skills. Lively, dramatic artwork scenes draw children into a subject, and each scene is followed by a photographic information spread that gives a wealth of extra detail. As a fun extra element, the reader can follow themed links to access information on related topics.

Explorers: Whales and Dolphins by Anita Ganeri, illustrated by Peter Bull takes a close look at the lives of some of the most fascinating creatures living in our oceans. From learning about what whales and dolphins eat to finding out how they survive and communicate-this book is filled with fun and unique learning opportunities about two of the most mysterious and popular animals on our planet.

Praise for Explorers: Whales and Dolphins

“This book is filled with factoids about all kinds of these magnificent mammals. Every page is covered with several beautifully rendered realistic illustrations and photographs. There is also a method to follow some topics, such as environment or communication through the book with symbols leading to other pages with more topic information. . . .” —San Francisco Book Review

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by Anita Ganeri, illustrated by Peter Bull

Anita Ganeri has written over 300 information books for children on subjects including religion, geography and natural history. Her books include the Horrible Geography series, which won the Geographical Association Silver Award.
Peter Bull has worked as a freelance illustrator for more than twenty-five years. He creates both traditional and digital art for publishers worldwide and also runs the Peter Bull Art Studio, based in the UK.

Peter Bull


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