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Basher: Go! Go! Bobo Shapes

Basher: Go! Go! Bobo Shapes


created and illustrated by Simon Basher






On Sale: 06/08/2012

ISBN: 9780753469200

20 Pages, Ages 0-4

Basher: Go! Go! Bobo Shapes created and illustrated by Simon Basher:

Bobo is off again in this exploration of shapes. Young readers can use their fingers to trace each embossed outline as they follow Bobo on his bouncy adventure through a range of familiar shapes. The book's simple bright design and energetic progression is sure to make Bobo a toddler favorite.

Praise for Basher: Go! Go! Bobo Shapes

“Both simple and charming, the high-contrast, boldly colored graphics make for delicious morsels of toddler eye candy.” —Booklist

“These sturdy board books with rounded corners are solid choices.” —School Library Journal

“The glossy, dramatic artwork and the sturdy pages are a perfect combination for introducing BoBo and shapes to pre-school children.” —

“The Go! Go! Bobo board books are bright delights, filled with pictures of a bouncy baby zipping through the air amid a whole series of shapes or colors. Basher manages to make the simple books extra-attractive in several ways. In Shapes, for example, he shows a basic square and then has Bobo bounce through wrapped square packages in front of which square dice are visible. A circle leads to a bounce through buttons and oranges; a heart, to heart-shaped balloons and strawberries; and so on.” —


created and illustrated by Simon Basher

Simon Basher is the creator/illustrator of the best-selling informational book series that include The Periodic Table, Biology, and Astronomy. His illustration stye is described as a synergy of European graphic design and Japanese Manga character creation.

Simon Basher


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