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Basher Science: Earth Science Library (3-Copy Boxed Set))

Basher Science: Earth Science Library (3-Copy Boxed Set))

Basher Science

by Simon Basher



Trade Paperback

Basher Science: Earth Science Library, created and illustrated by Simon Basher

It's an Earth Science party as more than 175 of Basher's iconic characters get together to explain the basics of Earth Science. Things get rolling with Planet Earth, as readers meet all the globe-building characters like River, Coast, and Mountain Range, as well as the insiders like Core, Plates, and Hot Spot--where things get steamy! The fun continues in Rocks and Minerals, where readers get an introduction to Clay, Limestone, and Sandstone, and proceed through to all other minerals and gems including the Quartz and Garnet, Diamond and Emerald. From there, readers explore 'making waves' in Oceans, as they meet all the forces which rule the Big Blue from the water world fundamentals like Ocean and Seas, right up through ocean explorers like Diving and Fishing. Throughout it all, Basher's hip, kicky style, personalizes the information and makes the fundamental ideas easy to remember. With glossaries in each book, rock-solid scientific information, and bonus fold out posters for all three books, this is an unbeatable--and entertaining--introduction to the basics of Earth Science.

Praise for Basher Science: Earth Science Library (3-Copy Boxed Set))

“Handy as a supplement to a physics curriculum.” —School Library Journal on Basher Science: Physics

“It is a fun introduction to a vst topic.” —School Library Journal on Basher Science: Biology

“[another] visually appealing introduction to the sciences. . . . [This is a] worthwhile library purchase [that] would make [a] handy curriculum supplement.” —School Library Journal on Basher Science: Chemistry

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by Simon Basher

Simon Basher is the creator and illustrator of more than a dozen best-selling concept books for children including The Periodic Table, Physics, Biology, Astronomy, Math, and Punctuation. Based in London and Tokyo and specializing in "graphic surrealism", Basher's original artwork is regularly exhibited and sold in the UK, Europe, the US and the Asia.

Simon Basher


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