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Explorers: Things That Go

Explorers: Things That Go


Clive Gifford, illustrated by Peter Bull



This innovative series uses storytelling as the gateway to learning and exploration. Six action-packed story-scenes are followed by photographic information spreads-which provide scientific detail and background. Each title can be read front to back, or the reader can follow special 'page links' for a thematic exploration. This series is perfect for emerging readers who are beginning to exercise wider reading, research and cross-referencing skills.

Vehicles and transportation are fertile ground for the imagination, and they are also a fantastic gateway to the physical sciences. Explorers: Things that Go uses a series of eye-catching story scenes to set the stage for a wide-ranging examination of the science behind motion. From the speed of racing, to transport on the rails, the science of heavy machinery, the physics of flight, and what keeps boats afloat. After readers absorb the elements of each story, they can explore the details through photographs and explanations on the following page. If they are interested in a particular aspect of transportation they can hop through the book following one of four icons related to their interest. Back matter offers plenty of resources for further multimedia exploration.

Praise for Explorers: Things That Go

“The busy pages of these Explorers series books offer plenty of options for even the most curious readers. Thanks to the many potential paths through each book's pages, reading it always offers something new. . . . [With] descriptive paragraphs . . . colorful photos and illustrations . . . various bright icons [that] relate [to] illustrations around the book . . . the Explorers books live up to their series name.” —Booklist

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Clive Gifford, illustrated by Peter Bull

Clive Gifford is an award-winning author of more than fifty books on a wide variety of subjects. His previous Kingfisher titles include The Kingfisher Soccer Encyclopedia, The Atlas of Firsts, and 10 Leaders Who Changed the World. He is also co-author of Kingfisher's Explore science and social studies encyclopedia.

Peter Bull has worked as a freelance illustrator for more than twenty-five years. He creates both traditional and digital art for publishers worldwide and also runs the Peter Bull Art Studio, based in the UK.

Peter Bull


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