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Deborah Teramis Christian

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Deborah Teramis Christian returns to science fiction with a rousing stand-alone sequel to fan favorite Mainline.

One of the many charms of planet Lyndir is the Between-World, home to the licensed entertainers of the Sa'adani Empire. The most famous is Kes, a professional dominatrix who has become a celebrity attraction at a palatial house of domination called Tryst.

One of Kes's most devoted clients is the crime cartel boss Janus, a major cog in the underworld on Lyndir and elsewhere. When a high-powered imperial authority decides she wants Janus out of the way, the seductive domina Kes is the most logical avenue. She'd never betray a client's trust, but the imperial threat to her and her Between-World sisters is so great that she has no choice but to assist.

Imprisoned, altered against her will, and turned into a brutal weapon by the highly experimental Splintegrate cloning technology, Kes is at war with herself as everything she holds dear falls apart around her. It will take an enormous triumph of will and help from some unlikely avenues for Kes to survive the government's machinations and pursue the independence she's craved her entire life.

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Praise for Splintegrate

For Mainline:

“Impressively ambitious…Fast, clever, and substantial…A writer to watch.”—San Francisco Chronicle

“Splendid. A fast fun read…Ambitious…Dynamite.”—Larry Niven

“A smart, tightly plotted thriller...Explosive.”—Walter Jon Williams

“Impressive.”—Detroit Free Press, four stars

“A fascinating, complex high-tech thriller.”—Locus

For The Truthsayer's Apprentice:

“Has the dark shadows and hard clarity of the Icelandic sagas as well as [her] own unique vision and sensibilities. The world she creates is solidly conceived and thoroughly convincing. The intensity and high drama never slacken. Best yet, there's more to come.”—Lloyd Alexander, Newbery-winning author of The Black Cauldron

“This is full-bore, straight-ahead storytelling, fast-paced and compelling, with very real characters. If you like Robin Hobb, you'll like this!” —Jennifer Roberson, author of Swordbreaker

“A fresh approach to old-fashioned storytelling. A new voice in the field I hope to hear more from.”—C.J. Cherryh, author of Fortress of Eagles

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Deborah Teramis Christian

DEBORAH TERAMIS CHRISTIAN is a science fiction and fantasy novelist whose works include Mainline and its stand-alone sequel, Splintergate. In the past she has been a tech writer, marketing writer, journalist, role-playing game designer, editor, publisher, and sociologist. She is a US Army vet, a former intelligence translator, and a recovering geek who left a long career as a systems analyst and consulting firm CEO.


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