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Bad Medicine

Bad Medicine

An Ella Clah Novel

Ella Clah (Volume 3)

Aimee Thurlo and David Thurlo

Forge Books


When the daughter of Senator Yellowhair is killed in a suspicious car accident, the Senator accuses Ella and the tribe's medical examiner, Dr. Carolyn Roanhorse, of falsifying the autopsy results. An outbreak of meningitis leads to more trouble when many of those who are vaccinated against the illness begin dying from a different, unidentified disease. Riots between Indian and white workers at the Navajo-owned mine stretch the resources of the tribal police even thinner.
Convinced that solving one mystery means solving them all, Ella plunges into her investigations despite threats from all sides and her suspicions that Navajo witches are somehow involved. Ella Clah has sworn to protect her people from all menaces--spiritual or physical--and she's not going to back off now.


Special Investigator Ella Clah glanced at the dark clouds that loomed over Beautiful Mountain as she drove down the highway. The sacred peak rose toward that brooding sky as if imploring rain from Water Sprinkler, the rain bringer...

Praise for Bad Medicine

“Fans of Tony Hillerman will enjoy this thriller. Like Hillerman, the Thurlos offer insight into the Navajo culture and the conflict between the traditional and modern ways of life. An intelligent and entertaining murder mystery.” —The Baton Rouge Advocate on Bad Medicine

“This novel has it all: murder, sex, drugs and racial tension on the Rez.” —The New Mexican on Bad Medicine

“Fans of Tony Hillerman's Navajo novels will find themselves in familiar territory if they read . . . this well-written mystery.” —The St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Bad Medicine

“An exciting novel featuring one of the most interesting, multi-dimensional female detectives one could hope to meet. It is the internal struggle between the modern and the traditional, Anglo and Native American ways, which makes this novel more than just another mystery. Not only a good read, but a thought-provoking book as well.” —Page Break, newsletter of Page One on Bad Medicine

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Aimee Thurlo and David Thurlo

Aimée and David Thurlo are the authors of the Ella Clah series, of the Lee Nez series of Navajo vampire mysteries, and of the Sister Agatha novels, mysteries featuring a nun. David was raised on the Navajo Reservation and taught school there until his recent retirement. Aimée, a native of Cuba, has lived in the US for many years. They live in New Mexico, and often make appearances at area bookstores.

Forge Books

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