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Children of the Night

A Diana Tregarde Investigation

Diana Tregarde Investigation (Volume 2)

Author: Mercedes Lackey

Children of the Night

Children of the Night


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A beautiful witch teams up with a sexy vampire to battle an evil soul-sucker-with a rock soundtrack!
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Rock band Wanderlust is about to hit it big, guitarist Dave Kendall is sure of that. They're playing better venues, in front of bigger crowds-and the people showing up at the after parties are increasingly good-looking and cool. Some even radiate power, like "Master" Jeffries, the tall, saturnine man who seems to have some sort of weird control over Dave's fellow bandmates.

But Dave's too tired to pay much attention to Jeffries. He's tired a lot, lately, and making music isn't as much fun as it used to be. Probably he's just working-and partying-too hard.

Luckily, Dave has a friend who takes what's happening to him very seriously. Diana Tregarde is a practicing witch and a Guardian of the Earth. It's her job to keep an eye on innocents like Dave and make sure they stay out of trouble and don't become someone's lunch.

Jeffries has been on Diana's hit list since she first spotted him pursuing a young Romany. Di wasn't fast enough to stop him, but the Rom have their own protector-a dashing, charming, very attractive vampire named Andre Le Brel.

Together, the witch and the vampire face Jeffries and his evil minions in a battle for the soul of rock 'n' roll... in Children of the Night by Mercedes Lackey.

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“Mercedes Lackey's work is as sharp--and as scary--as the suddenly revealed fang of a vampire. She'll keep you up long past your bedtime.” —Stephen King

“Diana Tregarde is an intelligent and resourceful entrant in the [dark fantasy] field--with a most charming and unusual associate.” —C. J. Cherryh on Children of the Night

“A very enjoyable thriller with a sense of humor.” —Locus on Children of the Night

“[The heroine has] a wry, practical sense of humor. Further pluses include an almost complete lack of sexual stereotyping or politics. Anyone who likes their supernatural yarns laced with intelligence will find this novel more than satisfying.” —Dragon magazine on Burning Water

“The characters, love triangles, and action will hook the reader immediately. The plot weaves a magic spell of its own. This is a hard one to put down, and readers will clamor for the rest of the series.” —Booklist on Jinx High

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Children of the Night

Children of the Night


Trade Paperback