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Slan Hunter

Slan Hunter

The Sequel to Slan

Slan (Volume 2)

A.E. van Vogt and Kevin J. Anderson

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Trade Paperback

The sequel to A. E. van Vogt's Slan, one of the most famous SF novels of the twentieth century!

This startling SF adventure novel is a collaboration between the classic SF Grand Master, A. E. van Vogt, and contemporary master Kevin J. Anderson. At the time of his death in 2000, van Vogt left a partial draft and an outline for the sequel to his most famous novel, Slan. Van Vogt's jam-packed, one-damn-thingafter-another storytelling technique makes his active plots compulsively readable. Now the story has been completed by Anderson, and is sure to be one of the most popular SF novels of the year.

Slans are a race of superior mutants in the far future, smarter and stronger than Homo sapiens and able to read minds. Yet they are a persecuted minority, survivors of terrible genocidal wars, who live in hiding from the mass of humanity. Slan Hunter tells of this towering conflict in the far future, when a new war among the races of mankind bursts out, and humanity—all types of humanity—struggles to survive. The heroic Jommy Cross of Slan is once again called upon to save the human race.

Chapter One

The world was already falling apart when her first contractions hit.

"Perfect timing—" Anthea Stewart clenched her teeth to stop a hiss of pain, holding her rounded abdomen.

Beside her, driving recklessly, her...

Praise for Slan Hunter

“Van was a Grand Master. Slan was his masterpiece. Now, like a dream come true, Kevin returns us to that singular world, the world of Jommy Cross.” —Harlan Ellison®, author of Shatterday

“Not only does Slan Hunter complete Van's last great project, incorporating his ideas, characters, and dialogue; it is a fun, grand adventure reminding us of the inventiveness and forward thinking of one of the grand masters of the Golden Age of Science Fiction.” —Lydia van Vogt (widow of A. E. van Vogt)


Reviews from Goodreads

A.E. van Vogt and Kevin J. Anderson

A. E. van Vogt was a SFWA Grand Master. He lived in Los Angeles, California, and died in 2000.

Kevin J. Anderson has written dozens of national bestsellers and has been a finalist for the Nebula Award, the Bram Stoker Award, and the SFX Reader's Choice Award. He lives in Monument, Colorado.

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A. E. van Vogt

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