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Laddertop Books 1 - 2

Laddertop Books 1 - 2

Written by Orson Scott Card and Emily Janice Card with Zina Card, Art by Honoel A. Ibardolaza

Tor/Seven Seas


From Orson Scott Card, the bestselling author of Ender's Game, and his daughter Emily Janice Card, comes a 384-page omnibus edition containing the first two books of an all-ages manga series!

Out of deep space, a mysterious alien race known as "The Givers" came to Earth. They gave the human race the greatest technology ever seen—four giant towers known as Ladders that rose 36,000 miles into space. Each tower culminated in a space station that harnessed the energy of the Sun to power the entire planet. As suddenly as the Givers arrived, they vanished, leaving the human race with one solemn instruction: maintain and preserve the Ladders at all costs. Due to the unique alien construction of the Laddertop space stations, however, only a skilled crew of children could perform the maintenance necessary to keep the stations running.

Twenty-five years later, back on Earth, competition is fierce to enter Laddertop Academy. Robbi and Azure, two eleven-year-old girls who are best friends, are among those vying for a spot at the prestigious academy. While one is rejected, the other takes off into space for the adventure of a lifetime. Yet soon, their destinies will collide, as they must decipher an alien message and solve an ancient mystery that could either save the Earth from invasion...or trigger its imminent destruction.

Praise for Laddertop Books 1 - 2

“With competent manga-style illustrations by the award-winning Ibardolaza…this stands as a worthy young adult adventure novel.” —Publishers Weekly on Laddertop Volume 1

“A high-octane outer space adventure… The main characters in this volume are largely female, strong and intelligent, a wonderful departure from male-dominated extraterrestrial offerings. Ibardolaza's muscular art blends manga and Western aesthetics. An intriguing beginning; readers will clamor for the follow-up.” —Kirkus Reviews on Laddertop Volume 1

“It's a fun read, aided by the dynamic artwork of illustrator Honoel A. Ibardolaza. And the cliff-hanger ending will leave readers waiting anxiously for the next installment.” —Deseret News on Laddertop Volume 1


Reviews from Goodreads

Written by Orson Scott Card and Emily Janice Card with Zina Card, Art by Honoel A. Ibardolaza

ORSON SCOTT CARD wrote the bestselling novels Ender's Game, The Lost Gate, and Pathfinder. He lives in Greensboro, North Carolina.

EMILY JANICE CARD is an award-winning reader of audiobooks, including The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott and Podkayne of Mars. She also wrote, co-directed, and acted in Jane Austen's Fight Club.

HONOEL A. IBARDOLAZA is an award-winning illustrator of children's books and manga, including The Greediest of Rajahs and the Whitest of Clouds. He lives in the Philippines.

Emily Janice Card

Tor/Seven Seas

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