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Strife's Bane

Strife's Bane

The Shattered Kingdoms, Book Three

The Shattered Kingdoms (Volume 3)

Evie Manieri

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"I loved these characters." —Brandon Sanderson, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Words of Radiance on Blood’s Pride

The dramatic conclusion of Evie Manieri's epic fantasy Shattered Kingdoms series boasting beloved characters, a fully realized world, and one final grand adventure

Once known as the Mongrel, Lahlil had only one purpose then: to reap blood and carnage for those who paid the right price. And though the ravages of past wars haunted her every waking moment, when Lahlil was called upon to lead the rebellion against Norlanders—telepathic and bloodthirsty invaders who conquered Shadari lands and enslaved their people to the mines—she delivered.

Then she ran.

Now, Lahlil must return to Shadar to save the person she loves the most and rebuild. What she finds first is a kingdom that has devolved to political discord, with an old enemy’s ships sailing just beyond the horizon.

Strife’s Bane
pushes a grand cast of familiar characters to the brink of ruin. With Manieri’s unique blend of magic, blood, and dramatic tension, the stakes have never been so high.

The Shattered Kingdoms
#1 Blood's Pride
#2 Fortune's Blight
#3 Strife's Bane

Chapter 1

Unlike the rest of the ferry passengers, Lahlil didn’t lift her boots when the water sloshed to their side of the boat. She was too busy reminding herself that ordinary people did not threaten to impale ferrymen when they...

Praise for Strife's Bane

Praise for the Shattered Kingdom series

"[A] carefully crafted novel, which will draw in new and returning readers alike. The suspense, character development, and worldbuilding are all superior.”
Publishers Weekly on Fortune’s Blight

"Immediately begins to build on the high stakes and suspense of [Blood's Pride], but will also be understood and loved by readers unfamiliar with the series.”
RT Book Reviews on Fortune’s Blight

"I loved these characters.... Heart-wrenching. Poignant. Lovely."
—Brandon Sanderson, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Words of Radiance on Blood’s Pride

"Intrigue, betrayal and old rivalries play out against the fires of revolution. Hang on for a wild ride!”
—Gail Z. Martin, author of The Dread: Book Two in The Fallen Kings Cycle on Blood's Pride

"Deftly portrays three clashing cultures about to be torn apart by violent rebellion....[A] fast-paced tale of honor and betrayal, hope and despair, secrets, revelations, and a whisper of divine magic."
—Sharon Shinn, author of Troubled Waters on Blood's Pride

"Plot and pacing to leave you breathless, characters you will treasure—a terrific debut!"
—Melanie Rawn, author of Touchstone, on Blood's Pride

"Highly imaginative."
Kirkus Reviews on Blood's Pride


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Evie Manieri

EVIE MANIERI has a degree in medieval history and theatre from Wesleyan University. She is the author of the Shattered Kingdoms series, which begins with Blood's Pride. Manieri lives with her husband and daughter in New York City.

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