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The Price of War

An Autumn War, The Price of Spring

Long Price Quartet

Author: Daniel Abraham

The Price of War

The Price of War


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At last! The second half of Daniel Abraham's brilliant fantasy series, the Long Price Quartet

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Otah Machi, caught between ancient wonders and a modern empire, has survived more than most men endure in two lifetimes. In Price of War, an omnibus collection of An Autumn War and The Price of Spring, magic and treacherous politics bring a bitter harvest of violence and tragedy to the world he must defend.

But when all is darkest and the world seems utterly lost, there is yet hope for the salvation of a future yet undiscovered. All depends on Otah, and those with the power to shape it, if they can find the courage to forgive their own trespasses and redeem their lost hopes.

This unforgettable fantasy epic series, the Long Price Quartet, marks Daniel Abraham as a unique voice and one of the most enthralling fantasy writers to emerge in recent years.

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A Betrayal in Winter is exactly the kind of book I love.” —Brandon Sanderson, bestselling author of The Alloy of Law

“A thoroughly engrossing debut novel from a major new fantasist.” —George R. R. Martin, bestselling author of A Game of Thrones, on A Shadow in Summer

“There is much to love in the Long Price Quartet. It is epic in scope but character centered, with a setting both unique and utterly believable. The storytelling is smooth, careful, and--best of all--unpredictable.” —Patrick Rothfuss, bestselling author of The Name of the Wind

“Daniel Abraham will lead you into a strange, seductive world. Intricate, elegant, and almost hypnotically told, this tale of gods held captive will hold you captive, too.” —Connie Willis, Hugo and Nebula Award–winning author

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The Price of War

The Price of War


Trade Paperback