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Ghost Medicine

An Ella Clah Novel

Ella Clah (Volume 17)

Author: Aimée Thurlo and David Thurlo

Ghost Medicine

Ghost Medicine


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When a former police officer is murdered, Navajo Special Investigator Ella Clah will do anything to bring his killer to justice
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When a former police officer is murdered, Navajo Special Investigator Ella Clah will do anything to bring his killer to justice in Aimee and David Thurlo's Ghost Medicine

Former Navajo Police officer Harry Ute's body is found in an isolated part of the Navajo Reservation, rumored to be skinwalker country. This makes Navajo Police Special Investigator Ella Clah's job much harder—no one wants to speak to her for fear of incurring the wrath of the Navajo witches.

Harry's latest P.I. case involves tracking down property stolen from the county. This leads Ella to work with county Detective Dan Nez. Ella doesn't trust Nez but can't deny her growing attraction to him.

The murder and thefts turn out to be the tip of an iceberg. Previously unknown Navajo artifacts are being offered for sale, indicating a hidden dig somewhere on the Reservation. As danger mounts, Ella worries that her latest case might also become her last.

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“The skinwalker angle is especially creepy here, with vivid descriptions of the way they leave their calling card of body mutilation. The Thurlos mix in a great deal of knowledge about trafficking in Native American antiquities with a well-constructed investigation steered by a believable and admirable heroine.” —Booklist on Ghost Medicine

“Does anybody understand the Navajo better than the Thurlos? Their keen understanding and attention to detail makes Black Thunder a first-rate mystery.” —RT Book Reviews on Black Thunder

“An excellent, page-turning, and suspenseful read.” —Mysteries Galore on Black Thunder

“The Thurlos have done their research thoroughly and their portrayal of the Diné, their culture, and the arid landscape surrounding them is right on. What really brings the story to life are the characters, who are finely drawn and represent the spectrum of beliefs on the reservation. The mystery is complex, the tension high….” —Mystery Scene on Never-ending-snake

“Exciting…The authors smoothly blend personal and professional concerns, as the Navajo police sort through a tangle of lies and loyalties while respecting the values of traditionalists and adapting to modern intrusions.” —Publishers Weekly on Earthway

“A first-rate thriller. If you are a mystery buff, you will enjoy this story, with colorful characters and that backdrop of the American Southwest.” —Shelf Life on Earthway

“Aimée and David Thurlo have a robust regional series going with Ella Clah, a Navajo Tribal Police officer whose investigations usually involve a standoff between tribal tradition and modern ways.” —The New York Times Book Review

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Ghost Medicine

Ghost Medicine