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Trio of Sorcery

Arcanum 101, Drums, and Ghost in the Machine

Author: Mercedes Lackey

Trio of Sorcery

Trio of Sorcery


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Three exciting urban fantasy short novels from a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author
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In Trio of Sorcery, Mercedes Lackey presents three exciting short urban fantasy novels, including the return of Diana Tregarde and the debut of a brand-new heroine for the twenty-first century.

Arcanum 101: Diana Tregarde, hero of Burning Water. Studying at Harvard, Diana is asked to investigate a fake psychic—and discovers that the psychic is not a fake…and has kidnapped a young child!

Drums: Jennifer Talldeer, hero of Sacred Ground. Nathan Begay and his girlfriend are from different tribes, but their real problem is that Caroline has attracted the attention of an angry Osage ghost. Nathan asks Jenny, an Osage shaman, for help banishing the dead warrior.

Ghost in the Machine: Ellen McBride, techno-shaman. The "boss" of an new MMORPG is out of control. A brilliant programmer as well as a magic-worker, Ellen discovers that the wendigo in the game is real—and it's about to break out of the servers and into our world!

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“Sure to please Lackey fans… All three tales once again demonstrate that Lackey is a master storyteller, no matter the story's length.” —RT Book Reviews, 4 ½ stars

“Lackey's well-seasoned talents for good storytelling and character development are on full display here.” —Booklist

“The three novellas are well written and entertaining while starring strong females with similar traits but different scenarios confronting the supernatural.” —The Midwest Book Review

“A great mix of urban and paranormal fantasy.” —Book Chick City

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Trio of Sorcery

Trio of Sorcery