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A Novel

Howie Carr

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Killers is a thrilling ride through the dark underbelly of Boston crime and politics that could only have been written by Howie Carr. At one point the infamous Whitey Bulger put out a contract Carr, a newspaper columnist... and later called him a defense witness during Bulger’s 2013 murder trial.

Now in jail, Whitey Bulger is gone from Boston, but Bench McCarthy is here to take his place.

McCarthy is a thug’s thug, a hitman, an underworld jack-of-all-trades. He runs his own mob out of Winter Hill in Somerville while handling “wet work” for Sally Curto, a half-demented mob boss.

After years of gangland peace, Bench and Curto find themselves clay pigeons for unknown hit crews coming at them from every direction. The motives are as murky as the hitmen themselves, but all roads seem to lead to the State House, where corrupt pols are battling over a bill to legalize new casinos that will generate billions in revenue.

To stay alive and put an end to the uprising, Bench must enlist the help of Jack Reilly, a dodgy ex-cop turned private investigator. Bench doesn’t trust Reilly since they started out on opposite sides of the law, but when the hunter becomes the hunted, he’s left with few options.

This edition of the book is the deluxe, tall rack mass market paperback.



I got the word about Sally Curto's nephew around 5:45 a.m. when he woke me with a telephone call to my apartment on Sparhawk Street in Brighton. I don't spend a lot of nights there, but...

Praise for Killers

“[A] bad cop tale from the king of Boston bullet letters—mind-charging Howie Carr! Read it now!” —James Ellroy, bestselling author of the L.A. Quartet

“Carr knows Boston from the sewers down. A black masterpiece.” —Stephen Coonts, New York Times bestselling author

Praise for the Novels of Howie Carr:

“A must read from start to finish!” —Col. David Hunt, New York Times bestselling co-author of Terror Red, on Killers

“A knock-’em-down, drag-’em-out, put-two-in-the-head page-turner by a man who knows the power-that-be on the hill and the killers-that-are on the streets. Killers is a killer! Don’t miss it!”—William Martin, New York Times bestselling author of The Lincoln Letter

“Loaded with intrigue, treachery, and a wealth of secrets . . . Howie Carr hits a grand slam.” —Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author of The Patriot Threat, on Hard Knocks

“Colorfully corrupt characters and hard-charging storytelling.” —Publishers Weekly on Hard Knocks


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Howie Carr

HOWIE CARR is the author of Hard Knocks, as well as the New York Times nonfiction bestsellers The Brothers Bulger and Hitman. A native New Englander, he is a columnist for the Boston Herald, the host of a regionally syndicated radio talk show, and a member of the National Radio Hall of Fame. From his prison cell in Florida, Whitey Bulger tells visitors that he still regrets not murdering Carr when he had the chance back in South Boston.

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Howie Carr


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