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The Fallon Blood

The Fallon Blood

Fallon (Volume 1)

Robert Jordan writing as Reagan O'Neal

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Michael Fallon, bonded servant, with trouble in Ireland just behind him, comes to the New World with one desire—to found a dynasty that need bend the knee to none.

In Charleston, South Carolina, Fallon begins. From bondsman to rice planter, from planter to privateer; from the beautiful, disturbingly sensual Elizabeth Carver to the lovely and loving Gabrielle Fourrier; from peace to the greatest Revolution the world had ever seen—a novel beating with the passion of The Fallon Blood.

The Fallon Blood

The English wind blew the dust of the road in Michael Fallon's face, as it had for miles past, and cut through his thin shirt and his flesh as well. He'd given up wishing he still had...

Praise for The Fallon Blood

“Successfully blends action, adventure and sex with historical background. Like John Jakes, O'Neal knows how to keep his story moving.” —Savannah News-Press

“O'Neal not only writes with great virility, but he has done his historical research well. His ability to make characters come to life is admirable and The Fallon Blood is a wonderful way to escape from it all.” —The Charleston News and Courier

“This pulsing new novel…conveys the flavor of history without dullness, and the Palmetto State backdrop adds enormous interest. Entertaining.” —The Columbia, S.C. State

“Jordan's pulsing characters and exceptional historical and maritime research successfully evoke the excitement of the birth of a new nation without neglecting the romance, sex, and adventure of the private lives involved. While this Fallon series is a departure for Jordan in terms of setting and place, all of his fans will enjoy this exposition of valor, bravery, and love in American Revolution wars.” —Book Page

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Robert Jordan writing as Reagan O'Neal

ROBERT JORDAN (October 17, 1948–September 16, 2007), a native of Charleston, South Carolina, was the author of the bestselling The Wheel of Time®, with millions of books in print.

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Liza Groen Trombi, Locus Publications

Robert Jordan

Reagan O'Neal

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