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The Pumpkin Rollers and The Buckskin Line

The Pumpkin Rollers and The Buckskin Line

Two Complete Novels

Elmer Kelton

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Two complete novels in one low-priced edition from the legendary Western author Elmer Kelton: The Pumpkin Rollers and The Buckskin Line

The Pumpkin Rollers
When Trey McLean leaves his family and sets off to learn the cattleman's trade, he's as green as they come. But Trey learns fast. He learns deceit from a con man, and love when he meets the woman he's destined to marry. On a cattle drive to Kansas, Trey learns the trade from veteran drover Ivan Kerbow, but he also learns the code of violence and death from an outlaw who will plague him at every turn.?

The Buckskin Line
When his adoptive father is killed, Rusty Shannon joins the Texas Rangers. Mike Shannon's death haunts him; he owed his life to Mike, who rescued him as a child from the Comanche. With Texas in the throes of secession, Rusty has his hands full, but heads for a showdown with the Buffalo Caller, The Comanche warrior who killed his family.

This edition of the book is the deluxe, tall rack mass market paperback.

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Since about the time Andrew Jackson whipped the British at New Orleans two weeks after the War of 1812 had officially ended, it had been McLean family tradition to register births, marriages and deaths in a big leather-bound...

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Elmer Kelton

Elmer Kelton is the most revered of all contemporary Western writers. Author of more that forty novels, including Pumpkin Rollers and The Buckskin Line, and named "the Greatest Western Writer of all Time" by the Western Writers of America, he lives in San Angelo, TX, and continues to write roughly one book per year.

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