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The Stone in the Skull

The Stone in the Skull

The Lotus Kingdoms (Volume 1)

Elizabeth Bear

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Hugo Award–winning author Elizabeth Bear returns to her critically acclaimed epic fantasy world of the Eternal Sky with a brand new trilogy.

The Stone in the Skull, the first volume in her new trilogy, takes readers over the dangerous mountain passes of the Steles of the Sky and south into the Lotus Kingdoms.

The Gage is a brass automaton created by a wizard of Messaline around the core of a human being. His wizard is long dead, and he works as a mercenary. He is carrying a message from a the most powerful sorcerer of Messaline to the Rajni of the Lotus Kingdom. With him is The Dead Man, a bitter survivor of the body guard of the deposed Uthman Caliphate, protecting the message and the Gage. They are friends, of a peculiar sort.

They are walking into a dynastic war between the rulers of the shattered bits of a once great Empire.

The Lotus Kingdoms
#1 The Stone in the Skull

The Eternal Sky Trilogy
#1 Range of Ghosts
#2 Shattered Pillars
#3 Steles of the Sky


Praise for The Stone in the Skull

Praise for the Eternal Sky trilogy

“Subtle . . . crisp.”—RT Book Reviews Top Pick for Range of Ghosts

“A vivid world.” —Publishers Weekly on Range of Ghosts

A rousing, artful adventure.”—Asimov's Science Fiction on Shattered Pillars

“Astonishing.”—Booklist on Shattered Pillars

“Bear delivers the thematic complexity, deft worldbuilding, and compelling storytelling we’ve come to expect in this concluding volume of the Eternal Sky trilogy, set in a world inspired by 13th-century Asia and The Arabian Nights.”—Locus on Steles of the Sky

“Dense, gripping, and also entertaining, full of emotion, adventure, loss, and the possibility of hope.”— on Steles of the Sky

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About the author

Elizabeth Bear

ELIZABETH BEAR was the recipient of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 2005. She has won two Hugo Awards for her short fiction, a Sturgeon Award, and the Locus Award for Best First Novel. Her novels include Karen Memory and The Eternal Sky Trilogy. Bear lives in Brookfield, Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Bear

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