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The Red-Stained Wings

The Red-Stained Wings

The Lotus Kingdoms, Book Two

The Lotus Kingdoms (Volume 2)

Elizabeth Bear

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Hugo Award–winning author Elizabeth Bear returns to the epic fantasy world of the Lotus Kingdoms with The Red-Stained Wings, the sequel to The Stone in the Skull, taking the Gage into desert lands under a deadly sky to answer the riddle of the Stone in the Skull.

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The Gage and the Dead Man brought a message from the greatest wizard of Messaline to the ruling queen of Sarathai, one of the Lotus Kingdoms. But the message was a riddle, and the Lotus Kingdoms are at war.

Elizabeth Bear created her secondary world of the Eternal Sky in her highly praised novel The Range of Ghosts and its sequels.

The Lotus Kingdoms
#1 The Stone in the Skull
#2 The Red-Stained Wings

The Eternal Sky Trilogy
#1 Range of Ghosts
#2 Shattered Pillars
#3 Steles of the Sky


Over the gold stone walls of Sarathai-tia, the long night darkened toward sunrise. The Veil rose across the sky and the light of the heavenly river dimmed. Phosphorescence crawled along the top of the battlements, where the Dead Man...

Praise for The Red-Stained Wings

Praise for The Red-Stained Wings

“Satisfyingly complex sequel to The Stone in the Skull.”—Publishers Weekly

Praise for The Stone in the Skull

“Elizabeth Bear sweeps the reader into a world of ravishing detail.”—Huffington Post

“Amazing worldbuilding, gloriously precise prose, and excellent pacing.”—

“The Eternal Sky trilogy is one of the great fantasy epics of the last decade, and Bear triumphantly returns to that setting.”—Library Journal

“Glorious and dramatic.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

“The plot hews closely to the whole band-of-rogues-assemble-to-fight-stronger-band-of-foes . . . Bear noodles around that trope like a jazz master and takes the story to some interesting places . . .”—Locus

“This is a promising beginning indeed for an epic . . . and it will no doubt be a magnificent journey.”—Booklist

“A panoramic drama that grabs and grips from Page 1 . . . vivid, absorbing, and thrilling.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Clever and beautifully written.”—Elitist Book Reviews

“A thoughtful, richly complex, humane work eloquently told and elegantly constructed.”—Fantasy Literature

“Enchanting.”—The Illustrated Page


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Elizabeth Bear

ELIZABETH BEAR was the recipient of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 2005 and is the author of Karen Memory as well as The Stone in the Skull. She has won two Hugo Awards for her short fiction. Bear lives in South Hadley, MA.

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