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Rendezvous and Dark Passage

Rendezvous and Dark Passage

Two Complete Barnaby Skye Novels

Skye's West

Richard S. Wheeler

Forge Books


Two complete novels in one low-priced edition from beloved Western author Richard S. Wheeler: Rendezvous and Dark Passage

Barnaby Skye, a seaman in the Royal Navy, jumps ship at Fort Vancouver in 1826 with little more than the clothes on his back. Fighting for life, he heads inland toward an unknown fate. Skye falls in with legendary mountain men, and finds another unexpected turn in his life when he meets the Crow maiden, Many Quill Woman, who will become his wife.

Dark Passage
In 1831 Skye accompanies his wife to her village, where she falls in with Jim Beckwourth and accompanies him on a raid among the Blackfeet. When she's abducted by the Bloods, the deadliest band of Blackfeet, Skye trails her into Canada, where he's still wanted for deserting his ship four years ago. Then Sky himself is taken prisoner, and Victoria must escape her captors to free the man she loves.

This edition of the book is the deluxe, tall rack mass market paperback.

Chapter 1

The moment had come. For this moment the jack-tar Barnaby Skye had waited seven brutal years. For this moment he would risk being hanged from the nearest yardarm or being hauled back to London in irons to a life in...

Richard S. Wheeler

Richard S. Wheeler has written over fifty novels and several short stories, including Rendezvous and Dark Passage. He has won four Spur Awards and the Owen Wister Award for lifetime achievement in the field of western literature.

He lives in the literary and film community of Livingston, Montana, and is married to Professor Sue Hart, of Montana State University-Billings. Before turning to fiction he was a newsman and book editor. He has raised horses and been a wrangler at an Arizona dude ranch.

Wheeler is the author of The Witness series, the Skye's West series, and many other novels.

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Richard S. Wheeler

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