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Darkness at Chancellorsville

Darkness at Chancellorsville

A Novel of Stonewall Jackson's Triumph and Tragedy

Ralph Peters

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Ralph Peters' Darkness at Chancellorsville is a novel of one of the most dramatic battles in American history, from the New York Times bestselling, three-time Boyd Award-winning author of the Battle Hymn Cycle.

Centered upon one of the most surprising and dramatic battles in American history, Darkness at Chancellorsville recreates what began as a brilliant, triumphant campaign for the Union—only to end in disaster for the North. Famed Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson bring off an against-all-odds surprise victory, humiliating a Yankee force three times the size of their own, while the Northern army is torn by rivalries, anti-immigrant prejudice and selfish ambition.

This historically accurate epic captures the high drama, human complexity and existential threat that nearly tore the United States in two, featuring a broad range of fascinating—and real—characters, in blue and gray, who sum to an untold story about a battle that has attained mythic proportions. And, in the end, the Confederate triumph proved a Pyrrhic victory, since it lured Lee to embark on what would become the war's turning point—the Gettysburg Campaign (featured in Cain At Gettysburg).


Late morning, April 29 Germanna Ford on the Rapidan River, Virginia

Amid green leaves and birdsong, in a world scented by sawdust and quick water, Corporal Bill Smith watched and listened and waited, letting the officers...

Praise for Darkness at Chancellorsville

Praise for Ralph Peters’ Battle Hymn Cycle

“An extraordinary series.”
—W.E.B. Griffin, New York Times bestselling author of the Clandestine Operations series

“[A] deeply researched and beautifully written epic.”
—Guy MacLean Rogers, author of Alexander: The Ambiguity of Greatness

“The best series of Civil War novels ever written.”
—William Martin, New York Times bestselling author of The Lincoln Letter

“The gold standard.”
Civil War News

“A must-read for Civil War novice and aficionado alike.”
—John Horn, author of The Siege of Petersburg

“As historically accurate as it is enthralling.”
—Victor Davis Hanson, author of Carnage and Culture

“A classic for the ages.”
New York Journal of Books


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Ralph Peters

RALPH PETERS is an award-winning, bestselling novelist; a retired U.S. Army officer and former enlisted man; the author of numerous works on strategy; and a popular media commentator. In uniform and as a researcher and journalist, he has covered numerous conflicts and trouble spots, from Africa to the Caucasus, from Iraq to Pakistan.
Renowned for accuracy and authenticity, his Civil War writing, under his own name and as Owen Parry, has won numerous prizes, including the American Library Association’s Boyd Award (three times), the Hammett Prize, the Herodotus Award, and the Meade Society’s Order of Merit. In 2015, he received the Andrew J. Goodpaster Prize as an outstanding American soldier-scholar. His accomplished set of works includes the Battle Hymn series: Cain at Gettysburg, Hell or Richmond, Valley of the Shadow, The Damned of Petersburg, and Judgment at Appomattox.

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Katherine McIntire Peters

Ralph Peters

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