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Dangerous to Know

A Lillian Frost & Edith Head Novel

Lillian Frost & Edith Head (Volume 2)

Author: Renee Patrick

Dangerous to Know

Dangerous to Know


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A Seattle Times Best of 2017 Book!

Los Angeles, 1938. Former aspiring actress Lillian Frost is adjusting to a new life of boldfaced names as social secretary to a movie-mad...

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A Seattle Times Best of 2017 Book!

Los Angeles, 1938. Former aspiring actress Lillian Frost is adjusting to a new life of boldfaced names as social secretary to a movie-mad millionaire. Costume designer Edith Head is running Paramount Pictures’ wardrobe department, but only until a suitable replacement comes along. The two friends again become partners thanks to an international scandal, a real-life incident in which the war clouds gathering over Europe cast a shadow on Hollywood.

Lillian attended the Manhattan dinner party at which well-heeled guests insulted Adolf Hitler within earshot of a maid with Nazi sympathies. Now, secrets the maid vengefully spilled have all New York society running for cover – and two Paramount stars, Jack Benny and George Burns, facing smuggling charges.

Edith also seeks Lillian’s help on a related matter. The émigré pianist in Marlene Dietrich’s budding nightclub act has vanished. Lillian reluctantly agrees to look for him. When Lillian finds him dead, Dietrich blames agents of the Reich. As Lillian and Edith unravel intrigue extending from Paramount’s Bronson Gate to FDR’s Oval Office, only one thing is certain: they’ll do it in style.

The second installment of the Edith Head and Lillian Frost mytsery series, Renee Patrick's Dangerous to Know beguilingly blends forgotten fact and fanciful fiction, while keeping Hollywood glamour front and center

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"Just like a movie, DANGEROUS TO KNOW rests on a lot of research and rigging, but all we see is the magic show: effortless, absorbing, entertaining from page one, surprising to the last. Patrick brings a time and place so skillfully to life that we're genuinely starstruck when Dorothy Lamour or Jack Benny pops up in a cameo. And Lillian Frost has earned her sidewalk star as one of the great, fast-talking, plucky, funny girls of the Hollywood Golden Age."--Catriona McPherson, multi-award winning author of the Dandy Gilver Mysteries and THE CHILD GARDEN

"Set in December 1938, Patrick’s sassy second series novel takes the reader on an exhilarating ride through Hollywood in its heyday. Real-life celebrities...populate this meticulously researched book, in which the most outlandish incidents are verifiably true. Lovers of old movies, fabulous gowns, and historical gossip will be enchanted."--Publishers Weekly

Praise for Design for Dying

"A champagne-flavored frolic of a first mystery set during Hollywood's golden age. This is sure to delight fans of old Hollywood and Turner Classic Movies." --Library Journal

"A beguiling champagne-cocktail-of-a-crime-novel. Supporting parts played by Billy Wilder, Barbara Stanwyck, and Preston Sturges will make every seasoned cinephile swoon. Design for Dying is a delight." --Louise Penny, New York Times bestselling author

"Vibrant, stylish and crackling, Design for Dying is both a gift to devotees of Golden Age Hollywood and a mystery-lover's delight. It's a delicious cocktail, one you won't want to end." --Megan Abbott, bestselling author

"A delightful cocktail of a mystery - equal parts sweet, tart, and effervescent...a read covered in movie magic stardust." --Susan Elia MacNeal, New York Times-bestselling author

“A complex environment for sleuthing replete with possibilities and an exciting sense of the glamorous, gossipy, and creative world of cinema’s golden age. The warm working relationship that develops between Lillian and Edith will leave readers eager to see more of their adventures.” –Publishers Weekly

Design for Dying reads like a dream, one in which classic Hollywood does a dance with old-school crime fiction. It’s spiced with famous faces and features a beguiling newcomer, Lillian Frost, who's destined to be a star in her own right. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore—so it’s a good thing Renee Patrick is here to write ‘em.”—Eddie Muller, Shamus Award-winning author of The Distance and host of Turner Classic Movies’ Noir Alley

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Dangerous to Know

Dangerous to Know