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The Ghoul King

The Ghoul King

A Story of the Dreaming Cities

The Dreaming Cities (Volume 2)

Guy Haley


Quinn returns in THE GHOUL KING, another story of the Dreaming Cities by Guy Haley.

The Knight, Quinn, is down on his luck, and he travels to the very edge of the civilized world – whatever that means, any more – to restock his small but essential inventory. After fighting a series of gladiatorial bouts against the dead, he finds himself in the employ of a woman on a quest to find the secret to repairing her semi-functional robot.

But the technological secret it guards may be one truth too many…

"Fans of dark secrets and postapocalyptic adventure will be eager for the next chapter in Quinn’s story."--Publishers Weekly

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Guy Haley

A prolific freelance author and journalist, Guy Haley is the author of Reality 36, the Warhammer 40,000 novels Valedor and Baneblade, among others. He lives in Yorkshire with his wife and son.

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Guy Haley


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