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An Ellie MacIntosh Thriller

Detective Ellie MacIntosh (Volume 5)

Kate Watterson

Tor Books


Crushed: the next sizzling thriller in Kate Watterson's Ellie MacIntosh series, for fans of Allison Brennan and Sandra Brown

What do you think?

The strange message, inked on a homicide victim, makes Detective Ellie MacIntosh’s blood run cold.

What do you think now?

Worse, it is soon followed by a message on a second victim in the same location. MacIntosh realizes this is personal—a challenge directed at her and her volatile partner, Jason Santiago. As a cat and mouse game with a conscienceless killer emerges, the detectives start to fear that they have met their match.

His deranged obsession is costing lives, and soon he contacts MacIntosh personally to taunt her. Ellie must race against time to try to solve the unsolvable before it is too late.

Chapter 1

She was home.

He could see the lights, but she’d be at the back, probably in the kitchen at this time of the evening, because no one knew better than he did she worked long hours. He could picture her...

Praise for Crushed

"It's like getting two books for the price of one in this exhilarating novel."
--RT Book Reviews on Buried

"Just try to put this one down! A great pick for Allison Brennan fans."
--Library Journal on Buried

"From the first bone-chilling page to the last, Frozen kept me on the edge of my seat. Beware. Frozen will have you shivering."
--Sandra Brown, New York Times bestselling author


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Kate Watterson

KATE WATTERSON grew up on a steady diet of mystery/suspense novels. If it involves murder and intrigue, she is bound to be hooked. She lives in rural Indiana with her husband, three children, and a temperamental cat named Poot. She is the author of the Detective Ellie Macintosh series, including Frozen, Buried, Charred and Fractured.


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