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Betty Zane and To the Last Man

Betty Zane and To the Last Man

Two Great Novels by the Master of the Western

Zane Grey

Forge Books


From the legendary writer of the west comes two complete novels by Zane Grey in one low-priced edition!

"No man has employed the Western story formula with better results." —The New York Times

Betty Zane
Inspired by the life and adventures of his great-great-grandmother, this book launched Zane Grey’s career as a writer of the Western frontier. With resources dwindling during the siege of Fort McHenry, sixteen-year-old Betty Zane volunteers to raid a cache of gunpowder stored outside the fort's walls. Her bravery stunned the British and inspired her countrymen in the final battle of the American Revolution.

To the Last Man
Arizona's Tonto Basin has been fought over for decades. At its heart are two families, the Isbels and the Jorths. Gaston Isbel and Lee Jorth have vowed to destroy each other and their families and allies—to the last man, if need be. Neither realizes that Gaston’s son has fallen in love with Lee’s only daughter.


The Zane family was a remarkable one in early days, and most of its members are historical characters.

The first Zane of whom any trace can be found was a Dane of aristocratic lineage, who was exiled from his country...

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Zane Grey

Zane Grey's westerns and historical novels are acclaimed for their exciting storytelling and robust portrayals of the American frontier. He published nearly 100 books, including Spirit of the Border, Wildfire, and Riders of the Purple Sage. Born in Zanesville, OH, in 1872, Grey died in 1939 in Altadena, CA.

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