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Jericho's Road and Hard Trail to Follow

Jericho's Road and Hard Trail to Follow

Two Novels of the Texas Rangers Series (6 and 7)

Texas Rangers

Elmer Kelton

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Books 6 & 7 in Elmer Kelton's acclaimed Texas Rangers series, offered together at one low price

Jericho’s Road
“This is Jericho’s Road. Take the Other.” When young Texas Ranger Andy Pickard is assigned to the Texas-Mexico border, he learns the meaning of this ominous notice on the edge of a great tract of land above the Rio Grande. Rancher Jericho Jackson is at war with a similarly ruthless cattle baron on the Mexican side of the river. The two men are rustling each other’s cattle, raiding and killing on both sides of the border, and heading for a bloody showdown—with only Pickard and his fellow Texas Rangers standing between them.

Hard Trail to Follow
Former Texas Ranger Andy Pickard is following the plow in West Texas when he learns that his friend, Sheriff Tom Blessing, has been killed during a jailbreak led by a man called Cordell. Reinstated as a Ranger so he can get justice for Tom Blessing, Andy pursues Cordell even as evidence mounts that the escaped man did not kill Blessing. Pickard will see justice done no matter what it takes.


After several years as a Texas Ranger, Andy Pickard concluded that the average criminal he dealt with was about as intelligent as a jackrabbit. That said, even a dullard could pull a trigger and hurt somebody. A case in point...

Praise for Jericho's Road and Hard Trail to Follow

“As always, Kelton’s history is accurate and his characters clearly drawn and believable.”
The Dallas Morning News on Jericho’s Road

"An exciting and satisfying western tale."
Publishers Weekly on Hard Trail to Follow

“Wonderful . . . [Kelton] deftly uses characters from past entries while constantly folding in new personalities.”
Booklist (starred review) on Jericho’s Road

“An engrossing, entertaining chase." —The Dallas Morning News on Hard Trail to Follow


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Elmer Kelton

ELMER KELTON (1926-2009) was the seven-time Spur Award-winning author of more than forty novels, including The Time It Never Rained, Other Men’s Horses, Texas Standoff and Hard Trail to Follow, as well as the recipient of the Owen Wister Lifetime Achievement award. In addition to his novels, Kelton worked as an agricultural journalist for forty-two years, and served in the infantry in World War II. He passed away in 2009.

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