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Dead Reckoning and The Last Chance

Dead Reckoning and The Last Chance

Two Tales of Murder and Revenge in the Old West

Mike Blakely

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Dead Reckoning and The Last Chance are two historical novels of murder and revenge from Spur Award-winning author Mike Blakely, offered together at one low price

Dead Reckoning
After a botched confidence scam, swindler Dee Hassard begins a killing spree that covers half the Colorado Territory. His first victim is the brother of rustler-turned-preacher Carrol Moncrief, who falls back on his former outlaw savvy to track the murderer. In the final reckoning, either the preacher or the killer will go to his dusty death.

Last Chance
Ross Caldwell is on the run from the Army and from his wife, pursued by bitter enemies from the Civil War. In Last Chance Gulch in the gritty Montana gold country, Caldwell finds refuge behind a sheriff’s badge, and passion in the arms of a sultry madam. His bloody past catches up with him when the town’s stagecoach turns out to be run by the murderous ex-soldier who’s sworn to plant Caldwell six feet deep . . . and when his wife comes looking for him as well.


Dee Hassard shifted his rear end across the wagon bed, trying to avoid the splinters that angled from the rough boards. The cuffs behind his back held him to the steel springs of the buckboard seat, and the back of the seat...

Praise for Dead Reckoning and The Last Chance

On Dead Reckoning

"A fine spinner of tales, Mike Blakely is a poet and musician at heart."
—Elmer Kelton

"Blakely writes with a beauty that rivals the Big Bend country."
—Terry C. Johnston

"A gifted storyteller...a remarkable eye and feel for physical action."
—Texas Books in Review

On Last Chance

"Blakely brings a fresh and wonderful new voice to the Western."
—Norm Zollinger


Mike Blakely

MIKE BLAKELY is the author of several novels of the west, including Comanche Dawn and Moon Medicine. His novel Summer of Pearls won the Spur Award for the Best Western Novel in 2001. Blakely makes his home in Marble Falls, Texas.

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