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Dream West

Dream West

A Novel

The American Story

David Nevin

Forge Books


Dream West is the New York Times bestselling fictional account of famed North America explorer John Charles Fremont, by David Nevin.

Upon its release over twenty years ago, Dream West was deemed a classic novel of the American West by both critics and the reading public. Telling the amazing true story of America's famed explorer, John Charles Fremont, and his beloved supporter and muse, Jessie Benton, it quickly found its way onto the New York Times bestseller list and was adapted into a CBS mini-series starring Richard Chamberlain. Now available once more in paperback, Nevin's epic of adventure and discovery will once again give readers a chance to witness the passion of an early explorer's dreams of the great unknown, and the love and perseverance that saw his dream come to life. Together, the Fremonts defied both nature and man, trailblazing across the Rockies to the Pacific to accomplish what no one ever thought possible: mapping the American West.


They passed into a shallow draw with saddle leather creaking, and were letting the horses drink when an antelope with high pronged horns burst from a wild-cherry copse. Not ten yards away it stopped and stood motionless,...

Praise for Dream West

"A rousing, old-fashioned yarn, rich in detail and romance."
--The New York Times

"Big, wonderful...written with verve, authenticity, and a sure sense of our history."
--John Jakes, author of the North and South trilogy

"Masterful storytelling in the grand manner that will keep you turning pages until far, far into the night."
--Denver Post

"To tell this story is to tell the story of the United States during the turbulent nineteenth century.... A winner!"
--Publishers Weekly


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David Nevin

DAVID NEVIN spent more than twenty years researching and writing The American Story, a series of novels dealing with the history of the United States from 1800-1860. His books comprising this era begin with Dream West and include 1812, Eagle's Cry, Treason, and Meriwether. Nevin died in 2011.

David Nevin

Forge Books

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