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The Sun, the Wind and the Rain

The Sun, the Wind and the Rain

Lisa Westberg Peters; Illustrated by Ted Rand

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Trade Paperback

Named an Outstanding Science Trade Book by the National Science Teachers Association, The Sun, the Wind and the Rain from award-winning author Lisa Westberg Peters and illustrator Ted Rand is a children's picture book about the changing facets of nature over time.

With a plastic bucket and shovel, Elizabeth uses beach sand to build a mountain. Off in the distance, yet large enough to see, is a magnificent mountain range forged of rock and sediment. As breezes and the sea spill the granules from Elizabeth's mountain, so too does the wind and rain shear pebbles and dirt from the majestic peak that rises above the land.

This is the story of two mountains and how nature and time changes them.

Praise for The Sun, the Wind and the Rain

“With exceptional clarity of text and unusually appealing pictures, the geologic concept of mountain building is presented for young readers. Two stories parallel each other perfectly, and the line of Elizabeth's small sand mountain in the inset pictures flows seamlessly into the contours of the larger mountain.” —The Horn Book

“Spectacular paintings reinforce the basic geological concepts presented in this story.” —American Bookseller

“An attractive, mind-expanding book.” —Kirkus Reviews


Reviews from Goodreads

Lisa Westberg Peters; Illustrated by Ted Rand

Lisa Westberg Peters is the author of several books for young readers, including The Sun, the Wind and the Rain. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with her husband and two daughters.

Ted Rand has collaborated with Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault on several successful picture books, including The Ghost-Eye Tree, Barn Dance!, and Knots on a Counting Rope.

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