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God's Perfect Child

God's Perfect Child

Living and Dying in the Christian Science Church

Caroline Fraser; With a New Afterword for the Paperback Edition



From a former Christian Scientist, the first unvarnished account of one of America's most controversial and little-understood religious movements.

Millions of americans-from Lady Astor to Ginger Rogers to Watergate conspirator H. R. Haldeman-have been touched by the Church of Christ, Scientist. Founded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1879, Christian Science was based on a belief that intense contemplation of the perfection of God can heal all ills-an extreme expression of the American faith in self-reliance. In this unflinching investigation, Caroline Fraser, herself raised in a Scientist household, shows how the Church transformed itself from a small, eccentric sect into a politically powerful and socially respectable religion, and explores the human cost of Christian Science's remarkable rise.

Fraser examines the strange life and psychology of Mary Baker Eddy, who lived in dread of a kind of witchcraft she called Malicious Animal Magnetism. She takes us into the closed world of Eddy's followers, who refuse to acknowledge the existence of illness and death and reject modern medicine, even at the cost of their children's lives. She reveals just how Christian Science managed to gain extraordinary legal and Congressional sanction for its dubious practices and tracks its enormous influence on new-age beliefs and other modern healing cults.

A passionate exposé of zealotry, God's Perfect Child tells one of the most dramatic and little-known stories in American religious history.

1. “A Very General Acquaintance”

The “traveller with the twisted staff” in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s tale “Young Goodman Brown” is Satan. Goodman Brown, a newly married Puritan, encounters the Devil on an evening walk through...

Praise for God's Perfect Child

“Eye-opening . . . the most powerful and persuasive attack on Christian Science to have been written in this century.” —Martin Gardner, Los Angeles Times Book Review

“A work of impassioned rationality . . . important and profoundly disturbing.” —Susan Jacoby, Newsday

“New ... Startling ... Fraser has an eye and ear for the kind of detail that can help readers make up their own minds about an always-controversial American religious expression.” —Martin Marty, The Boston Globe

“Splid.” —The New York Times


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Caroline Fraser; With a New Afterword for the Paperback Edition

Caroline Fraser was born in Seattle and holds a Ph.D. from Harvard in English and American literature. Formerly on the editorial staff of The New Yorker, she writes for The New York Review of Books and The Atlantic Monthly, among others. She has received a PEN award for Best Young Writer and numerous prizes for her poetry. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Caroline Fraser

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