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Complete Job-Search Handbook

Complete Job-Search Handbook

Everything You Need To Know To Get The Job You Really Want

Howard E. Figler, Ph.D.

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Now in its third edition, Howard Figler's classic job-search handbook puts you in the driver's seat, on the road to where the jobs really are. Figler's unique program has been revised and updated to let you not only decide what your ideal job may be, but also discover exactly where that job is. The program has been expanded to describe thirty lifetime job-hunting skills, as well as Twenty Lessons from the Front, a list of potential pitfalls for job seekers to be aware of. This third edition enables you to:

- Determine what your true work and life values are
- Pinpoint the job skills you already possess, even those you aren't
aware of
- Find jobs when there seem to be none
- Learn how to be at your best in job interviews
- Utilize a professional career counselor's advice to troubleshoot
potential problems

Figler writes for all stages of career development, with action plans for the first-time job seeker, the professional looking for a change, the suddenly laid-off, and the person returning to the workforce after a long absence. Howard Figler knows the right job is out there, and with clarity, humor, and reassuring good sense, he shows you how to find it.

Praise for Complete Job-Search Handbook

"The book is strongest in guiding readers toward perception of their inner values, feelings, and transferable skills, all of which affect the channeling of career interests; and in advocating the kind of 'creativity' that unites such seemingly diverse elements." - Kirkus

Howard E. Figler, Ph.D.

Howard Figler, Ph.D., provides career workshops, career consultation, and job-search services for businesses, professional associations, government agencies, and universities. He is a nationally known speaker and lives in Orangevale, California.

Holt Paperbacks

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