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How Race Is Lived in America

How Race Is Lived in America

Pulling Together, Pulling Apart

Correspondents of The New York Times, Introduction by Joseph Lelyveld

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Whether it's the merger of a white church with a black church in the South, the hip-hop dreams of a suburban white teenager, or the struggles of a biracial partnership in a high-tech start-up, race relations continue to permeate American lives. Powerful yet intimate, the stories in this volume present the real voices of America speaking out on the impact of race in their daily lives.

The result of a virtually unprecedented commitment of talent and resources, the New York Times landmark series "How Race Is Lived in America" captured the cultural landscape of the nation in provocative, eye-opening articles following people from all backgrounds and every corner of society.

The stories in the series are enhanced by additional commentary from the writers, photographers, and editors; results and analysis of an extensive Times poll on attitudes about race; and selected reader responses. Together they offer a highly personal yet panoramic view of real-world conflict and aspiration.

On this day the boss saw something he didn't like. He climbed down and approached the picnic line from behind. He leaned into the ear of a broad-shouldered black man. He had been riding him all day, and the day before. The boss bawled him out good...

Praise for How Race Is Lived in America

“. . . has gotten to the rich and complicated heart of the most persistently difficult theme in our country's history.” —Nicholas Lemann

“Drawn from the Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times series, these are "powerful, troubling essays on the most urgent and significant of subjects” —Kirkus Reviews


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Correspondents of The New York Times, Introduction by Joseph Lelyveld

The New York Times team is comprised of Ira Berkow, Dana Canedy, Timothy Egan, Amy Harmon, Steven A. Holmes, N. R. Kleinfield, Charlie LeDuff, Tamar Lewin, Mireya Navarro, Mirta Ojito, Kevin Sack, Janny Scott, Don Terry, Ginger Thompson, and Michael Winerip.

Joseph Lelyveld is executive editor of The New York Times.

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