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Marty Frye, Private Eye

Marty Frye, Private Eye

A Redfeather Chapter Book

Marty Frye, Private Eye (Volume 1)

Janet Tashjian; illustrations by Laurie Keller

Henry Holt and Co. BYR Paperbacks


Marty Frye is not your ordinary private eye. Marty Frye is "the poet detective"--he solves petty crimes by turning rhymes. In the course of a busy day, Marty tracks down his friend Emma's lost diary, finds a box of toys missing from Mr. Lipsky's store; and locates a bag of disappearing flour for his little sister, Katie. Although he hits some dead ends along the way, Marty Frye combines his three favorite hobbies--sleuthing, rhyming, and climbing trees--and leaves no case unsolved or unrhymed.

Three short stories with clear, simple sentences make this charming easy-reader an ideal stepping-stone to longer chapter books. Laurie Keller's quirky illustrations capture the spirit of Janet Tashjian's tongue-in-cheek humor. Young readers will be off in search of a rhyme in no time.

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Janet Tashjian; illustrations by Laurie Keller

Janet Tashjian is the author of many popular novels including My Life as a Stuntboy and My Life as a Book, both illustrated by her son, Jake Tashjian; as well as The Gospel According to Larry and For What It's Worth. She lives with her family in Los Angeles, California.

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Henry Holt and Co. BYR Paperbacks

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