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The Green Revolution

The Green Revolution

The Environmental Movement 1962-1992

Hill and Wang Critical Issues

Kirkpatrick Sale and Eric Foner

Hill and Wang


Trade Paperback

The Hill and Wang Critical Issues Series: concise, affordable works on pivotal topics in American history, society, and politics.

The Green Revolution documents the tremendous change in public awareness and attitudes since the publication of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. Sale assesses the growth of national environmental organizations and the influence of scientists and their theories about global warming, the greenhouse effect, acid rain, toxic waste, and biodiversity. And he shows how environmental concerns affect all levels of society and much of our government's legislative and regulatory work.

Praise for The Green Revolution

“A book we've been waiting for without knowing it. This short but astute history chronicles the remarkable growth of the American environmental movement. In so doing, it yields some cautious hope that we're well started on the most profound--and most perilous--journey of our history.” —Bill McKibben

The Green Revolution is at once a history and a critique of modern environmentalism. It is a virtual primer on current environmental politics. Like all of Sale's books, it is impassioned in its advocacy and provocative in its analysis.” —Richard White, University of Washington

The Green Revolution is a fine, well-balanced, concise, up-to-date history of modern environmentalism. It fills a great gap and should be widely used in schools and colleges.” —George Sessions, Sierra College

“I doubt that any 108 pages in the English language come close to educating the reader about the environment--its despoilers and its defenders--as well as Kirkpatrick Sale's small volume. The Green Revolution is a tour de force. It is a brief but comprehensive, analytical but readable, insightful, factual, current but historical and futuristic.” —Ralph Nader


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Kirkpatrick Sale and Eric Foner

Kirkpatrick Sale, writer and lecturer, is a widely respected environmentalist. In addition to numerous articles, Sale has written some half-dozen books, including Dwellers in the Land and, most recently, The Conquest of Paradise: Christopher Columbus and Columbian Legacy.

Hill and Wang

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